Fight Hunger With Diabetes-Friendly Snacks

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When I’m out and about I never let myself get too hungry.

I don’t always know where I’m going to end up or what kind of food I’ll find there. Waiting too long to eat is dangerous. My blood sugar levels can go wacko. And once hunger sets in I’m likely to eat anything whether or not it’s good for me or even yummy.

My best defense in the fight against hunger is a diabetic-friendly snack. I always make sure I carry one with me. It’s part of being prepared. Continue reading Fight Hunger With Diabetes-Friendly Snacks

By the Cup: Flax Meal Muffin

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The recipe promised a healthy flax meal muffin in less than five minutes. Could be a yummy breakfast treat. Would the results be better than the chocolate cake in a mug I tried?

I’m intrigued by the idea of “baking” a single serving in a coffee mug using the microwave. It seems so full of possibilities: quick, easy, no leftovers, yumminess.

This week I tried making a flax meal muffin using a recipe I found on the boards at TuDiabetes. The recipe is very simple. Continue reading By the Cup: Flax Meal Muffin

By the Cup: Chocolate Cake

cc-Debs (ò‿ó)♪'s

I ran into the idea of making a single serving of chocolate cake by microwaving it in a cup in the most unexpected place.

It was a blog called New Dress a Day. On Day 260. 105 days and $106 lefttogo. [sic] not only did the blogger document the dress she made by altering a thrift store find, she also included the chocolate cake recipe.

It seemed simple enough. Eight ingredients mixed in a coffee mug, then microwaved for three short minutes. Continue reading By the Cup: Chocolate Cake

Potluck Favorites That Require Little or No Effort

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No time to cook or bake for tonight’s potluck? No need to panic.

We’ve all been there. Got to get something on the run for the office/ school/ church/ neighborhood holiday potluck. No time to do much more than pick something up and get it to the table. You can still get something healthful from the club store, grocery store, or in a real pinch the drug store. Here’s some ideas I’ve used when caught in this pinch. Continue reading Potluck Favorites That Require Little or No Effort

Minimalism as a Diabetic Strategy?

cc Minimal Stuff

Could minimalism be a strategy for managing food for people with diabetes?

It happens to the best of us. We hit our limit. We run out of energy or enthusiasm or focus. The thought of having to prepare one more diabetic-friendly meal is just too much. Could a minimalist approach to cooking get us through this rough spot?

Minimalism is defined as that which uses the simplest and fewest elements to create the maximum effect. Cooking the fewest ingredients simply for the maximum yumminess? Sounds like an idea worth pursuing. Continue reading Minimalism as a Diabetic Strategy?