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Diabetes has changed the way I eat. It’s forced me to try new foods and adapt old favorites. But the bottom line: like a lot of people, I won’t eat something just because it’s good for me. It’s got to be yummy too.

I use the 5-plate rating system to decide what makes the cut.

Here’s how it breaks down.

 Total Rating Points Possible = 5 plates

  • Yumminess = up to 2 plates
  • Goodness = up to 1 plate
  • Easy to find & prepare = up to 1 plate
  • Yummy to family = up to 1 plate


Yumminess: I start with yumminess and I give it some extra weight in the rating scale. Yumminess nourishes the soul and spirit along with the body. It embodies the pleasure that food can give us.

Goodness: I need food that will provide my body nutrients, not just calories.  I look for a reasonable amount of protein, carbohydrates (preferably complex ones), fiber and fat. And I shy away from foods with a lot of simple carbohydrates, sugars, saturated fat and sodium.

Easy to find & prepare: As a working mother, wife, sister, friend, etc. I have a busy life and not a lot of time to go grocery shopping or cook. I don’t consider myself a foodie. My cooking skills are basic at best and I don’t want to spend my life in the kitchen. So making it easy counts.

Yummy to family: Most nights I sit down to dinner with my husband Dave (who happens to be ovo-lacto vegetarian) and our two daughters. When we gather to share our day I want everyone at the table to enjoy what’s on their plate. It makes for better dinner conversation.


2 thoughts on “Taste Test Explained”

  1. Corinna,
    What a delightful way to promote eating consciousness to the person who is diabetic. I love the concept and I look forward to many more delicious spinning plates from you.

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